Vertico Xtreme offer an even more wide-ranging choice of Checkmate products:

– body harness of all kinds; safety lanyards and connectors for restraint, work positioning and fall arrest; temporary lifeline system; portable anchor and anchor strop round slings; and more.

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Rigging & Access Body Harness

The PBH05-series harness (PBH05, PBH05X, PBH05-RD, PBH05XRD) is Checkmate’s premium Rope Access Harness designed for abseil, rigging and suspended work tasks.

Product Information:

The PBH05-series is designed to support the body and distribute the forces to prevent serious injury and keep the worker in a safe position ready for rescue in the event of a fall. Certified fall arrest points are clearly marked with an A, the rear “D” should always be your primary

anchorage, although front “D” connection is permitted for fall arrest but is primarily for work positioning. Side “D” are for work positioning only. The front suspension “D” is to be used for suspended work and when used as a sit harness. The PBH5X and PBH5X-RD are supplied

with two front attachments for attachment of a croll. Two loops located near the front suspension “D” allow the user to safely connect to a suspension seat.

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Warning!  suspension seat attachments must not be used for fall arrest or work positioning purposes or similar EN567 ascending device. Refer to the device instructions for full user instructions. For fall arrest the PBH05 must only be used in conjunction with an energy absorber or load limiting device with a maximum impact force 6kN. When used for fall arrest a predetermined rescue plan must be a part of your safe system of work. Recommended minimum anchor strength – 12kN.

Scope of Use:

  • Anchorage  
    Rear D attachment point (excluding ‘A’ models)
    Sternum and Ventral attachment points for abseil
    Waist Belt for work positioning
  • Fittings
    Carbon Steel, Black Powder Coated
    Click Lock Buckles and Cam buckles on RD
    Square links on standard (Non RD)
  • Webbing
    Polyester Webbing, Water Repellent & UV Resistant
  • Padding
    Shoulder Yoke – Thermo Formed Airtex
    Belt and Leg Pads
  • User Weight 150kg Maximum [Including tools and equipment]
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  • EN 361, EN 358, EN 813
  • ANSI Z359.11:2014

Standard Fall Arrest & Work Positioning Body Harness

The general and work positioning harnesses are designed to be universal and flexible when it comes to ‘typical’ work tasks. The most popular harnesses, simple, versatile, tough and durable, packed with technology including fall indicators, wear indicating webbing and the unique trapezoidal buckles as standard, with up to two-fall arrest connections and two side “D’s”, are suitable for general applications, work positioning, telecommunication, pole and tower work. These types are lightweight, easy to adjust and don.

Our selections of work positioning harnesses are excellent at supporting both key areas and they have specially developed padding systems that reduce the effect of fitting compression. The waist belt is deep, ergonomically designed, made of built up layers of breathable materials and supported by a 65mm webbing strap.

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PBH01– one point harness

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PBH02– two point harness

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PBH03– three point harness

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PBH04– four point harness

Specialist Body Harness

Some working tasks however are very specific regarding either the work to be carried out or the inherit risks associated with the task. Checkmate’s range of “specialist” harnesses have been developed in conjunction with end users and industry professionals. These are field tested and reworked for optimum comfort, functionality and performance in the real world.

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FBH05 – female full body harness    

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PBH06Y – rescue harness

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PBH07– two-point with hi-vis gilet          

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PBH08– life jacket harness