ISC have extensive range of Portable Anchor Devices, for use in Rope Access, Work Positioning, Rigging and Fall Arrest Applications. The range includes anchors for use in Concrete Substrate, Girders and other metal structures.(suitable drilled hole required).

We also offer a range of adjustable anchors for I Beams, (which can be fitted and adjusted without the need for tools and without the need to alter the structure that they are mounted on). All portable anchors are re-useable (subject to condition).

Deadweight Anchors, including a Deadweight Trolley and A-Frame are ideal for Rope Access applications where there are no fixed anchors available- and where it is not possible to install fixed anchors.

These deadweight anchors are independent devices, quick and easy to set up, store and transport, which require no alteration to the building structure, (the anchors do not need to be attached to the building and stability rigging is not required).

The deadweight anchors are ideal for use by companies who need to install and use anchors at several sites and wish to have control over anchorage, without the need to certify fixed anchors at each individual location.

Each Deadweight Anchor breaks down in to components parts of 25kg (55lb) or less, to comply with manual handling regulations and to allow for easy transport and storage.

ISC Deadweight Anchors are CE Approved to EN795 B in their ENTIRETY, (whereas many other deadweight anchors have CE Approval of their eyebolts ONLY).

Another product of ISC is the industrial tripod system. It is a 3-Way fall arrest device with lowering and retrieval capabilities and ideal for confined space working such as entry and rescue.

Deadweight Anchors: DW200 A Frame

ISC latest model A-Frame (DW200.2) is fitted with a longer beam, giving the device a larger over-hang (up to 690mm/27”), which allows ropes to clear wider parapets. The front wheels swivel through 360 degrees for ease of positioning.

DW200.2 A Frame is primarily designed and tested to be used as a portable anchor device for Rope Access (work positioning) systems/activities.

Deadweight Trolley:  DW100

ISC DW100.2 Deadweight Trolley is ideal for use where space is limited.

It is primarily design and tested to be used as a Portable Anchor Device for Rope Access (work positioning) systems/activities and for use behind Structural Handrails, Balustrades and Parapet Wall.

Tripod System

ISC standard Tripod (TP143) is fitted with two pulley wheels and removable captive pins keep the rope/wire line in place on the pulley wheel.

The tripod heads are manufactured from cast aluminium for strength and durability.

TP143 has MBS rating of 3600kg (7936lb), giving a WLL 360kg (771lb) at a 10:1 Safety Factor, which allows the devices to meet the requirements of NFPA [G] Rating, in addition to being certified to EN795 Type B, 1997.

ICS tripods have been tested and certified for use WITHOUT a Foot Restraint Strap, vastly reducing the risk of users tripping.

The TP143 Tripod can be used with a Retrieval Fall Arrest Block and/or Winch; which can be attached to the Tripod leg, using a GRB150S2 Bracket.