We aim to become the leading service provider in UAE for consultancy, installation and distribution of top brand products for working at height. We offer high-quality products and services specializing in high level access techniques to complement the various other methods of high level maintenance activities.

We have our team of Certified Installers for Harken Lifeline and Suspension System within UAE. We are also exclusive distributor of products for rope access and working at height (Harken, Reid Lifting, ISC, Checkmate, KASK, English Braids).

We have our team of IRATA-Certified Rope Access Technicians who are highly experienced / qualified, and well-trained to the highest standards in rope access and working at heights.

High Level Consultancy and Services

We offer design and construction advice for access methods for new and existing buildings. We provide consultancy for inspection, maintenance and repairs, glass replacement, cleaning areas with limited access and training requirements.

Vertico Xtreme consultancy division specializes in facade access solutions for high-rise buildings and structures.

Having multiple years of experience for international projects in the facade access industry, Vertico Xtreme are in a position to provide a superior level of information and support to architects, developers, and facility managers requiring independent advice.

The facade access equipment of today provides a far greater benefit to the building owner than window cleaning alone, and is now commonly used for a range of maintenance activities including the replacement of damaged elements of the building’s facade over the life of the building. As building designs become more complex, access to the maintenance systems are also advancing so as to overcome the challenges posed by increasingly complicated building forms.

Working with Vertico Xtreme will provide access to the latest industry technologies and strategies, as well as the necessary support and guidance in relation to compliance with relevant occupational health and safety acts and codes of practice.

The solutions developed by Vertico Xtreme are cost effective, innovative and practical, and are underpinned by our extensive engineering experience in the design, manufacturing, and commissioning of different access systems across a variety of global markets.

In response to societal demands for higher levels of safety, governments, businesses, Architects and Developers are seeking greater consideration of safety issues in building design.

The opportunities to create safer work places are most cost effective when captured in the early phases of the design cycle. Safety in design as it relates to Façade Access Equipment begins in the schematic and design development phases, with an emphasis on making choices about system design, integration in the building architecture, standards of manufacture, and the methodology of operation, all of which are aimed at enhancing the safety of the finished -product.

There are several benefits to safety in design, including:

  • Prevention of injury
  • Improved usability and functionality
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced construction costs for both the access equipment and the interfacing structure
  • Addressing legislative compliance issues early to avoid unnecessary design changes
  • Accurate forecasting of ongoing maintenance costs over the system lifecycle
  • Innovation - safe design often requires new thinking

From the start of our relationship on any project, we will initially appoint a technical representative to guide you through the project and ensure your needs are met.

They will consider elements such as your specifications, engineering calculations, building loads, access design strategy, aesthetic impact, and any ancillary products in developing a budget estimate and tender for the prime and through life cost effective solution, that also complies with the latest in environmental monitoring such as LEAD / ESTIDAMA etc.

Upon appointment of you approved manufacturer / installer / service provider we then evaluate and finalize details and timelines regarding approval drawings, manufacture, testing, delivery and installation.