The Access Rail system is designed for use as an adjustable anchorage point for rope access and fall arrest. It provides the operator freedom of vertical and horizontal movement at height and also the ability to lock into position while working.

Product Features:

  • Industry Regulations : Systems are independently tested and fully compliant with EN795:2012 Type B/D. They also meet ANSI Z359 and are OSHA compliant.
  • Certification : 27 mm & 32 mm Access Rail systems are CE certified and can be used for human suspension.
  • Durability : Trolleys and rails are available in black hard coat or clear-anodized finishes for maximum corrosion protection.
  • Options : The Access Rail system can be mounted in three (3) horizontal planes. A wheel toggle attachment can be used for discrete over-edge parapet and inclined surface installations.
  • Design : Lightweight trolleys are constructed of strong, one-piece solid aluminum. The adjustable pin stop allows trolleys to be moved along the rail and locked into a new location.
  • Low-maintenance Ball Bearings : Torlon ball bearings handle high loads, reducing friction so the trolley moves smoothly along the track. Retaining clips keep ball bearings captive when the trolleys are removed for maintenance.